The Lanes- is the original settlement of the fishing town Brighthelmstone. Since the town is located in the coastal area, most of the residents have fished for a living. To ensure their produces can be sold at the best price, fishermen often set up their markets nearby the harbour. Gradually, people started to gather around this place for trading. In the 18th century, this place began to develop rapidly, and it has steadily become a place, that attracts locals or tourists.

During the 18th century, Britain set off a cultural upsurge towards the Far East and India, this place began trading repeatedly. Many residents started to run small businesses and lived above their shops. As many shops, pubs and restaurants are located in different areas, customers have to go through multiple streets to search for goods. People started calling this place "The Lanes", which means the district with many lanes.

Today, Brighton is a city of three universities, has become a diverse city. The Lanes has also followed the development of the city and has become an all-encompassing place, from small shops to big brands, cinemas to bars and jewellery to antique trading. The Lanes is the shopping area that can cater to people of various lifestyles and preferences. The Lanes HK aims to bring you different British brands, integrate British culture into Hong Kong, and add taste to life.