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The Great Creator Playing Cards

The Great Creator Playing Cards

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Ever wondered what was life like of the ones who came before us? The process of creation is slow, often taking thousand and thousands of years. The ancient Sumerians believed that it was the primeval sea that created heaven and earth, then came the moon and the sun. These cards embodied the two canvases that represents our universe - the land and the sky. We invite you to witness the process of the greatest creation by our God and Goddess - Father AN and Mother KI.

  • Comes in two epic editions: Earth & Sky Edition. 
  • Green/Blue and Gold hot foil stamp with precision embossing on the Tuck Case.
  • Inner tuck case with sophisticated Green/blue & Gold hot foil stamp artwork.
  • Housed in a Pure Black Premium 300gsm Matte Finish Tuck Case – Sturdy & Elegant. 
  • Limited to 2500 Decks Each with Custom Foiled Number Seal.
  • Cards Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Luxury Paper Stock. 
  • Tuck Case made in the US with imported paper & foil from Germany.
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