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Deal with the Devil Playing Cards - Scarlet Red

Deal with the Devil Playing Cards - Scarlet Red

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The use of UV Ink (also known as invisible ink) is often used to conceal a certain text or sign. A deal with the devil is a perfect reason to use such secretive inks.

  • Every face card is printed with special UV ink with an illustrated hidden artwork.
  • The Scarlet Red Edition is printed in Red UV Ink.
  • The Court Cards are all demons/devils, hidden within the UV Ink.
  • The Jokers true identity can be revealed by the UV Light
  • Every card in the deck has been dealt by the devil.

Can you spot the different embodiment of the devil’s? Is it true that we all have demons living inside us? Time to use the UV Light and find out!

  • Red hot foil stamp with precision embossing on the Pure Black Premium 300gsm Matte Finish Tuck Case.
  • Inner tuck case with sophisticated red/blue hot foil stampartwork.
  • Limited to 2666 Decks Each.
  • Cards Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Luxury Paper Stock.
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