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Modern Idols Fear Playing Cards

Modern Idols Fear Playing Cards

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“Be careful. The world is a dangerous place.”

If you are worried about the future, always trying to prevent potential problems, you’re probably a worshipper of Fear.

Spades Enhancementt

If you're scared you're not enough, don't worry. We're here.

You’re just a human, and you’re limited. But with my help, you’ll be whole: stronger, smarter, better. Let me enhance you. WorshipTechnology.

Few people realize that to be more, you need less. Give up your vices. Be chaste. Be sober. This is the path to perfection. Worship  Abnegation .

Worshipping me is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. I am the warden of all the secrets of the Universe. If you seek my counsel diligently, I might share some. Worship  Knowledge .

Hearts Individualismm

Are you enough Believe in yourself and all your wishes will be granted..

Your life will be beautiful if you’re beautiful. Take care of your outward appearance; the inside is not important. Make sure you’re always in the spotlight. WorshipVanity.

Dear mortal, your time on the Earth is fleeting. Use it to do what you really want. Follow pleasure, always. Worship Hedonism .

Blend with others. Don’t shout, just follow the flow. There is Strength in numbers. With all the others like you, one day you’ll be powerful. Worship Conformism .

Clubs Worldd

The future is terrifying. But we can fight to make it better. Are you in?

When you hate someone, you are feeding me. I can overwhelm every other thought, and I won’t be satisfied until justice is served. WorshipVengeance.

You have spent years spoiling the Earth, and our Planet is dying. You must believe in me if you want to flourish in the future. Worship Ecology .

The bravest ones are willing to sacrifice everything for their ideas. For the Nation, for the People, for the Glory! Worship  Ideology .

Diamonds Materialismm

You could solve your problems, or you could simply think about something else. Like us.

Fun is a serious matter, my friend. Problems are threatening you Just play. They’ll eventually go away. And if they don’t, at least you had a good time. Worship Games.

Buy! Eat! Get that! And that! And that! You need it! Don’t stop! Don’t think! Worship Consumerism .

Push hard! Harder, I said. You need to produce more to be more. Give me everything, and I’ll make you worthy of me. Worship Work .

Don’t worry, believing in Fear doesn’t make you a coward it may mean you’re just cautious and vigilant. Believers in Fear have prevented a lot of disasters in mortals’ lives..

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