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Scratch Map™

Scratch Map™ Of The F*#?ing Wold

Scratch Map™ Of The F*#?ing Wold

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Scratch Map featuring colourful language from around the world


  • Unique swear words from each country

  • Over 200 languages & dialects to discover

  • English translations & definitions in the key

  • Premium removable foil

  • Glossy high-quality finish

  • Attractive gift-tube packaging


First came Hello Map, which taught you how to greet people in over 200 countries – but really, where's the fun in that?

So now, we're teaching you to SWEAR in over 200 languages!

 With a censored top layer that'll stop you from getting into trouble when your nan comes to visit, remove the foil to reveal far more colorful language. With a detailed legend and full list of our favourite swear words from around the globe, it's time to get your pottymouth on.

Paper, laminate, coloured foil


  • 59.4cm x 82.5cm

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