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The Great Creator Playing Cards

The Great Creator Playing Cards

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Ever wondered what was life like of the ones who came before us? The process of creation is slow, often taking thousand and thousands of years. The ancient Sumerians believed that it was the primeval sea that created heaven ad earth, then came the moon and the sun. These cards embodied the two canvases that represents our universe - the land and the sky. We invite you to witness the process of the greatest creation by our God and Goddess - Father AN and Mother KI.


  • Comes in two epic editions: Earth & Sky Edition.
  • Green/Blue and Gold hot foil stamp with precision embossing on the Tuck Case.
  • Inner tuck case with sophisticated Green/blue & Gold hot foil stamp artwork.
  • Housed in a Pure Black Premium 300gsm Matte Finish Tuck Case – Sturdy & Elegant. 
  • Limited to 2500 Decks Each with Custom Foiled Number Seal.
  • Cards Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Luxury Paper Stock. 
  • Tuck Case made in the US with imported paper & foil from Germany.

The two editions complete one another by forming an entire Entire Globe on the tuck case. Symbolizing the need for both of them to create the world that we are standing upon.

At the front of the Sky Edition tuck box, you can see the great creator, AN, holding his hand above the globe, as if everything around the vast blue sky is under his command. Even the eagle is guarding both of them by his side.

At the back of the tuck box, you are introduced with the great AN placing a star onto his canvas while standing in the clouds. But don’t let the vast sky take your attention away from what you are standing on.

The Earth Edition is also a canvas of another great creator, KI. You are now under the love and care of the Mother Earth herself. At the front of the tuck case, you are welcomed with KI and her guardian lion, carefully protecting the globe with life surrounding it.

Just like the Sky Edition, the back of the tuck case is viewed with KI nurturing the land around her. You might have noticed now, that when you place both decks side by side, you get a whole picture of both god’s greatest creation. Hence, the Great Creator Deck.

The back design is one of the highlights of the deck. If you are a fan of the intricate designs and details of playing cards, you do not want to miss out on this one.

The symmetrical decorations of the Greek architecture surrounds the borders. At the centre of the canvas lies two guardian lions for the Earth Edition. Lion is often represented as the king of the jungle.

While the Sky Edition follows the same design pattern, the center guardian animal is now a majestic eagle watching over the entire deck.

If you look close enough on the back designs, you can see different elements of KI and AN’s process of creating the world around us. Through the skies, we can see stars and moon, on the land we can see trees and life. Come closer, and witness the creation of our universe.

From royals to monarchs, kings and queens, the court cards of a deck usually represent the highest of all. However, the Great Creator Deck’s court cards can be viewed as the ancient ones. Every single one of the court cards are holding an item that helps the process of creating the world. You can even see some of the court cards holding farm animals that is essential for human survival. One must not forget that animals are essential for our survival, and we must learn to live in harmony with one another, which is what the god and goddess would wish for us.

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