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Zeus Playing Cards

Zeus Playing Cards

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We have been waiting to introduce a deck that expresses the passion towards Greek Mythology. Allow us to introduce Zeus - Mighty Gold & Sterling Silver.

Tuck Case

  •  Fully Embossed Tuck Case with Gold/Silver Foil. 
  • The Mighty Gold Tuck Case features a Gold Glossy Foil which gives off a shiny look and a Gold Matte Foil which gives a more smooth shine.
  • The Sterling Silver Tuck Case features a Silver Glossy Foil which gives off a shiny look and a Silver Matte Foil which gives a more smooth shine.
  • The papers are made with a "pearl-lustre" material to give it a shiny look.
  • Intricate Artwork infused with Gold/Silver Foil in the Inner Tuck Case. 
  • Fulfillment by Gambler Warehouse in United States.
  • Limited Edition of 1350 Decks with Foil-Numbered Seal.


  • Summoned in two Editions - Mighty Gold & Sterling Silver Edition. 
  • Printed by Taiwan Playing Cards Company (TWPCC).
  •  Legendary Luxury Card Finish. 
  •  Fully custom court cards inspired by the 12 Olympians.
  • Custom pips illustrated in its finest details.

The tuck case of the Zeus Playing Cards does not hold back its mightiness. Upfront with the tuck case, you can see Zeus in its full form holding his powerful lightning bolts. Above Zeus, are two pegasuses, guarding his name in what looks like to be mount Olympus. In Greek mythology, Pegasus is depicted as an immortal winged horse who later became the chariot of Zeus’ thunderbolts.

If you look closely, you can see that the designs have taken classic Greek decors that really present the grand stature. The symmetrical designs are a key factor in making the image of Zeus mighty and powerful as if everything is balanced to its point. On the back of the tuck case, you can see an outline of two spades placed oppositely, with Zeus’ head in the spade staring fearlessly, as if commanding his lightning bolts on his side.

The mighty Zeus does not stop there, when you open up the tuck case, you can see a full image of Zeus. This will certainly bring a sense of ferociousness to his enemies or evil creatures.

The court cards are my personal favorite of the entire section of the deck. Each court card are the twelve Olympian Gods and Goddesses. The illustration of the deck almost makes it look ancient and legendary. The details put in are as vivid as they can be while making them unique with different items held with the Gods. For instance, the King of Spades is holding a lightning bolt, which represents Zeus. The King of Hearts is holding a trident, which represents Poseidon. Can you name out all the Olympians?

For the back design of the deck, me and the designer wanted to make sure the deck feels like a piece that belongs in mount Olympus, therefore, the details on the back design are carefully crafted to include Greek decors from different eras. The two spade outlines are accompanied by lightning symbols around them. You can almost feel the electricity coming out of the deck, giving you power and energy when you’re handling the cards.

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