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Sacred Fire Eternal Flames Playing Cards

Sacred Fire Eternal Flames Playing Cards

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Fire has always been one of the most unpredictable of the four elements. Unstable, burning, all-consuming. It mystifies humanity since its very discovery and instills respect or even fear in our hearts. How many times have you been sitting by the fire, observing its flames dance freely, and you felt chills running down your spine? This is the feeling that the Sacred Fire deck wants to excite in you. 

  • Inherits the back design of the Sacred Fire decks
  • Shines in RED COLD FOIL on the back of each card
  • The Tuck case is FOILED and Embossed with Black and Red Accents 
  • The Red Foil on the tuck case is a SPECIAL FOIL that mimics the lighting of real fire 
  • Comes blazing-hot off the TWPCC press, on the Luxury Paper Stock
  • With additional foiled seals showing each numbered decks
  • Limited run of 1299 decks
  • Maximum of 12 Decks per backers
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