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Scratch Map™

Scratch Maps® of the F*#?ING World

Scratch Maps® of the F*#?ING World

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Scratch to reveal naughty words (Luckies)

  • Scratchable black and white top layer.
  • Colourful and multilingual base layer.
  • Numbered countries with detailed key.
  • Typographic detail.
  • Naughty Words.

The best looking and rudest of all the scratch maps. Back in Limited edition. This is high brow stuff indeed. Scratch Off and reveal Swear Words from Around The World - Profanity and Cuss Words In Different Languages. Your mum will be horrified. Your primary school mates will think you are cool.

An idea by Luckies of London made by Suck UK

825 x 495 x 1mm | 31g

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