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Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

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Alice's Adventure

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the 1865 novel written by Lewis Carroll. In the story, a young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world filled with all sorts of strange and ambiguous characters. These characters include an anthropomorphic hookah-smoking caterpillar, a chronically late white rabbit, and a Hatter with a hefty case of ADHD. 

Belonging to the literary nonsense genre, the plot of Alice in Wonderland is....well nonsense. The entire adventure in Wonderland ends up being nothing more than a dream.

Alice's Design

The borders of the cards are in the style of Russian folk art, while the illustrations resemble the original artwork featured in the original publications.

 The jokers consist of a vertical diptych image of Alice (modeled after Jackson's daughter Scarlett), as she tumbles down the rabbit hole to find what awaits her in Wonderland. The deck comes wrapped in a gold-foiled, 3D-embossed tuck case that embodies the same intricacy of the card designs. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company, this deck will quickly become a favorite in your collection! 

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