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Bicycle® Black Scorpion Playing Cards

Bicycle® Black Scorpion Playing Cards

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Black Scorpion Deck
In Bicycle Stock

  • Rich Black Faces & Reverse Back Boarders
  • USPC Air Cushion Finish
  • Deck Holds One Joker And Extra Gaff Cards To Perform Tricks
  • Printed by US Playing Co. On Genuine Bicycle Stock
  • Playing Cards And Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

The Black Scorpion Deck is a two toned black and yellow poker deck, the first of it’s kind!

This deck features yellow and white pips. Beyond the 52 standard cards, this deck holds ONE JOKER & extra gaff cards sure to take your card work to a whole new level.

Dazzle your audiences with this incredibly crafted card deck for a very visually stimulating experience.

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