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King Arthur Playing Cards

King Arthur Playing Cards

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Here we are with a brand-new deck that is going to take you back to the times of kings, queens, and cavalier knights with brave hearts. In collaboration with Studio Muti, we sincerely ask you to brace yourself for the brave journey all the way back to 5th century Britain. There will be epic battles, sharp swords, regal royalty… Are you ready to become a part of the legend?

  •  Two Editions: Carmine Cavalier & Emerald Saga 
  •  ONE YEAR in the Making  
  •  Soft Touch Premium Paper on Carmine Cavalier Tuck Case with Embossing 
  •  Premium Matte Finish on Emerald Saga Tuck Case with Embossing 
  •  Featuring Gold & Red/Green premium foils on each side of the Tuck Case 
  •  Limited to 2500 Decks Each with Foiled Number Seal 
  •  Printed by USPCC with AIR CUSHION Finish and BEE CASINO STOCK
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