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Solidarity Playing Cards

Solidarity Playing Cards

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Solidarity Playing Cards is a deck designed to show support to our everyday heroes. This deck aspires to remind us to pay tribute to the everyday heroes who kept fighting to make our world a better place. From diversity, society derives its strengths. Through diversity, society brings out its beauty. In this deck of cards in collaboration with Intertype Studio, we celebrate the pillars of society: healthcare workers, frontline workers, soldiers, educators, scientists, social workers, and everyone, including you.

  • Presented in Two Editions: Loving Red & Navy Blue Edition 
  • Featuring Blue & Silver premium foils on the Tuck Case for the Navy Blue Edition
  • Premium Soft-Touch Material for Tuck Case with Embossing for Both Editions 
  • Back Design Featuring Silver and Gold Metallic Ink Respectively on Each Edition 
  • Limited to 2,500 Decks with Foiled-Number Seal for Each Edition Printed with USPCC with their Premium Bee Stock and Air-Cushion Finish
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